How Cricket betting software works?

Cricket betting software provided by hornet dynamics is one of the best cricket betting software which is working efficiently in the market.

Hornet Dynamics provide cricket betting software with 4 panels :

  • 1) Admin
  • 2)Supermaster
  • 3)Master
  • 4)User

Admin panel: Login screen: It shows two inputs of User id and password.

In the login screen the user will be able to fill the details which he has whether he is the admin, super master, master or user.

-Dashboard: In this screen, the admin will be able to see all his functionalities including selection or creating any type of user viz. Super master, master, and user .and all the matches will be listed on this screen..

User selection: Admin can choose the super master,master, and a user according to the required task to do.

-Super master listing: In this window, we can add master under all respective super master and we can also do the various task with these abbreviations:

  • A-U:Add user
  • U-P: Update partnership
  • S: Statement
  • PL:Profit loss listing
  • V-Account information
  • C-P:Change password
  • D-W:Deposit and withdrawal
  • U-B: Lock user betting
  • U-U: Lock user
  • C-U:Close user account

Master and user listing are also like super master listing with same functionalities.

Application Settings: In these settings we will set all constraints for the whole betting to be placed and all the reports are shown here. Adding a match, creating partnerships and all other major functions of admin as follows:

Settlement History:

Match setting: In match setting, we select the game which we have to show on the dashboard when user will bet on. In this setting, we can also set maximum profit and loss limit of a particular match.

Set match result: In this, we select the match and we set the match result accordingly.

Message: We can write any message which can be flashed on the screen.

User general settings:This setting will be generalized to all the users.

Live Commentary: In the live commentary, there will be live commentary buttons..

These were some important features of application settings.

We have a list of sports we provide to place the bet which shows the match which is on.

At the right side, we have button name of admin which will have some functionalities as shown below.

At the right side, we have button name of admin which will have some functionalities as shown below.

Chip Summary: It will show the plus-minus account of that user.

Chip history: It will show the chip credit and debit in time bound order.

Profit and loss: As the name states it will show the report of profit and loss of the all matches respectively..

Client Profit & Loss: It will show the clients profit and loss with respect to his under users.

Bet History: Admin will be able to see the bet history of every user with their respective master, super master names with all specifications.

Hornet Dynamics provides best cricket betting solutions.

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