How to get Betfair API in India ?

Betfair is banning all its accounts in India by 28th January 2019 which will restrict all sports betting website which are running in India via Betfair odds. Betfair Api is the most important requirement for any sports betting website to bring odds from betfair.

Hornet Dynamics have licensed vendor API which allows us to form betfair API after banning in India also. Betfair API is very much used in all sports betting website of India, without betfair API

sports betting websites won’t work. Hornet dynamics are having 60+ live projects which are integrated with Betfair API. Betfair Api enables to withdraw the live market odds to other sports betting exchange.

What is Betfair API all about?

API stands for Application Programming Interface.It setups a interface between two websites where one website fetch data from another.Website which provides API create a flexiblity to other website to whom the API is implemented to.By implementing betfair API to one website that website will have excess to all market odds which is required to that website.

Features of Betfair API:

1 Retrieve data from multiple market in one request.

2 View results by selection after settlement also.

3 Search by Market Type (MATCH-ODDS, WIN, PLACE etc.)

4 Rollup Feature- you can rollup amount and type.